Innovations at the Heart of

MESO's Beauty Excellence

Our continuous pursuit of innovative solutions is deeply embedded in our brand’s DNA. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility serves as the epicenter of creativity, where we challenge conventions, explore new horizons, and develop groundbreaking formulations.

Quality Assurance

MESO ensures top-quality products via ISO 22716 : 2007 certification, rigorous controls, and extensive R&D

Global Reach

MESO serves globally, tailoring products for diverse markets in South America, Middle East, Far East, and Africa.


Affordable beauty solutions without compromising quality, offering exceptional value for accessible beauty.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our Kandla, Gujarat unit spans 50,000 sq. ft., equipped with cutting-edge tech for high production standards.


MESO's R&D focuses on innovation and personalized formulations, meeting unique customer needs.

Focus on Customers

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We aim to inspire confidence by exceeding expectations at MESO.

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